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November 2021 Construction Update

We are excited to share that Bloor Promenade -the third phase of the Islington Terrace community in Etobicoke- has “topped off” at its full height.  This is a notable achievement for the construction teams, trade professionals, consultants and everyone who worked diligently to bring this new community to this stage in its construction. Topping off is also an important milestone for homeowners as it marks the end of forming and brings them one step closer to occupancy of their new home.

Bloor Promenade stands 44 storeys tall on the eastern corner of the community (Mabelle and Cordova Avenues). This community designed by Kirkor Architects and Planners features 391 suites, including a mix of one- and two-bedroom suites, with den options.

To learn more about the construction progress of the Bloor Promenade community, read the full blog on

We will continue to update you throughout the construction of this community and let you know if there are any significant schedule changes.

Live From Bloor Promenade
Check back often to see live progress from our on-site construction feed.

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Projected Construction Timing

Activity Estimated Start** Estimated Completion** Duration**
Shoring/Excavation July 2018 November 2018 5 Months
Forming November 2018 December 2020 26 Months
Building Envelope February 2020 July 2021 18 Months
Interior Finishing May 2020 March 2022 22 Months
Streetscaping January 2021 April 2022 15 Months
Occupancies February 2022 May 2022 4 Months


**Dates are tentative and subject to change without notice.