Inspecting Your Home


At Tridel, we have the privilege of witnessing the burst of “new home pride” every day, and it’s something that we never take for granted. We want the first time you see your home to be everything you imagined and more. We work to give you the best experience possible not just the first time you see your home but for years to come and we’ve created your Homeowner Orientation (also known as your Pre-delivery Inspection) to be just that.


What is it?

Your Homeowner Orientation is more than just an inspection or the statutory Tarion PDI Inspection of your new home. We believe it is an opportunity for an amazing experience, where you can learn all about your new home, it’s care and your community.

We spend the time to make sure you are fully oriented into the condo lifestyle and your new home.

What You Need to Know

Community Review

  • Meet your Property Management and Concierge Teams
  • Tour of community amenities and how to use them
  • Tridel’s Built Green Built for Life features
  • Community Living
  • Life safety systems (on-site defibrillators, what to do in a community emergency and more)
  • Quick Start Neighbourhood Guide (nearest banks, dry cleaners and more)

Your Home Review

  • Home Inspection (PDI)
  • Proactive home maintenance including what to do when you’re away or in an emergency
  • Appliance use and care
  • Parking and locker review
  • Tridel and Tarion warranty coverage
  • Exclusive Tridel Partner deals and discounts just for you (Rogers, Grocery Gateway, KitchenAid and more)

Next Steps to Legal Closing and Move-In

  • Legal closing and picking up your keys
  • Elevator booking and moving in
  • Registering with your Property Management team
  • Community registration and final closing
  • Homecare and maintenance review (a quick review of “everything” to help after you have moved in)

When is it?

Your Orientation typically takes place one (1) month before your occupancy date (and no later than one week before) and lasts between one to two hours. It’s scheduled during normal business hours while both Customer Care and Construction personnel are on-site. If you have a schedule that makes this difficult, we can arrange an after-hours or weekend appointment.

If you think you may not be able to attend your HOO, you have the ability to appoint a Designate (such as your Broker or family friend over 18 years of age) by filling out our Designation of Agent Form and returning it to us. Please be sure to inform your Designate that you’ve given them this important responsibility and that they are available to conduct the appointment on your behalf.

Why should you attend?

  1. What you think matters most. While we have a number of quality assurance inspections and pay attention to the details, the most important inspection is the one done by you.
  2. Your warranty, maintenance and emergency procedures are important. While the condominium lifestyle is a carefree one, there are some maintenance responsibilities that come with it. Your Orientation will demonstrate the regular operation and maintenance of all your homes systems as well as what to do in an emergency. Preventative maintenance and warranty coverage will be explained too.
  3. To make your closing and move-in, easier. We share a lot of information and provide quick start guides that will help you save time and effort as you plan for your closing and move. We can even arrange an express key pick-up so you can have all of your community and suite access devices activated and ready for you through your Concierge. One less thing for you to do on the day of your move!

Looking for Community Specific Information?