Your Homeowner Orientation (HOO) Appointment

What You Need to Know

A work in progress!
Depending on when your HOO appointment is, if you are one of the first to visit, your community may still be under construction in certain areas or we may not have been granted legal occupancy by the City. For those times we will need a signed Safety First waiver for everyone attending. We will also require everyone to wear the appropriate safety hard-hat and shoes which we provide you for use during the appointment.

What to wear?
Since we have a lot of ground to cover and are often still under construction in many areas of the community, we recommend comfortable casual clothing and footwear (closed toe with socks). If necessary, at the time of your appointment you will be provided with safety hats and steel toe shoes with single use personal protection liners.

All participants in the meeting will wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, a mask can be provided.

Who should attend?
We know you are excited to share your experience with your family and friends but we cover a lot of important information and don’t want you to miss any of the details.

No more than one (1) homeowner may attend the Homeowner Orientation appointment. They will meet with one (1) Customer Care Representative.If accommodations are required, please speak to one of our teammates when they reach out to you to schedule your appointment.

Specifically, if we do not have legal occupancy we are not able to have guests under 16 years of age visit the community.

Where to meet?
If you are driving, our Customer Care Representative will meet you in the Visitors area of the parking garage, or if you are taking the TTC , just outside of the main entrance to the community. Here you will be outfitted with a hard hat and safety shoes, if required for your appointment.

Running Behind or Need to Reschedule?
If you are late or need to reschedule contact your Customer Connection Centre C3 team at or 416.661.9394.

We generally set aside 1 hour for your appointment to allow for sufficient time but if you are late, we will always try to accommodate you however it will depend on when you arrive and on our schedule for the day.