Energy Recovery Ventilator Maintenance


Your Energy Recovery Ventilator or ERV is an integral part of your home’s ventilation design. This new and innovative system provides state-of-the-art performance in high-rise residential condominiums. Simply put, your ERV allows better air quality by the delivery of fresh air directly into your home, while recovering 60% – 70% of the energy of your outgoing air.

How does it work?

In the winter, as warm, stale air is exhausted from your home, the heat from this air stream is used to warm the fresh, cold incoming air before it is distributed around the home. In summer, the cooler, air conditioned exhaust is used to cool the incoming fresh air and limits the amount of moisture transferred from the humid summer air. The two air streams share their energy so it saves you money while working to save the environment.

How to Operate:


Each vertical fan coil unit is equipped with a thermostat to regulate the temperature. The fan can also be set to three different speeds, 1 – LOW, 2 – MEDIUM and 3 -HIGH. It is recommended that the fan be used to run continually at 1(LOW) speed. The constant air circulation will help to create an even temperature throughout your unit.


The ERV unit runs continually at low speed, thus ensuring the minimum amount of outside ventilation air is always delivered into your living space. When an increased amount of outside air is needed, the wall switch offers three options to switching the ERV to a higher volume of outside air for the duration corresponding to the number on each button:

20 Minutes – recommended when the washroom is in use.

40 Minutes – recommended when cooking.

60 Minutes – recommended when the shower is in use.

When on vacation or for general household activities no option is required to be selected.

Maintenance and Warranty

An integrated ERV has a two-year warranty and non-integrated ERV has a one-year warranty. However, some simple maintenance is required by you to keep your unit operating at peak efficiency. Without regular maintenance, the filters and core of the energy recovery ventilator can become clogged, limiting ventilation, air flow and air quality throughout your home.

Cleaning and Care for your ERV


Your filters should be cleaned every six months. We recommend you write
this on a calendar or consider it part of your spring and fall maintenance
program. To clean your filter, please follow these simple steps:ERV2

  1. Unplug your ERV.
  2. Unlatch the door and open it.
  3. Clean the inside of the door with a damp cloth, then wipe dry with a dry cloth. Lift both foam filter brackets and remove the foam filters from the core.
  4. Disengage the door from the hinge by sliding it from left to right and then set the door aside.
  5. Lift both foam filter brackets and remove the foam filters from the core. Reinstall the door.
  6. Clean the inside walls of the unit with a clean damp cloth, then wipe dry.
  7. Wash the 2 foam filters in a hot water and mild soap solution, rinse thoroughly and then let dry completely before reinstalling. To reinstall both filters, secure them to the core by pulling down the 2 foam filler brackets.
  8. Reinstall the door.


The core of your ERV should be cleaned once a year to ensure it does not become clogged with dust or other detritus.

  1. Unplug your ERV.
  2. Unlatch the door and open it.
  4. Using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, gently vacuum any dust or debris from the core.
  5. When you have completed vacuuming the core, reinstall door.

Restarting Your ERV Unit:

If the unit was unplugged during maintenance, it will now reset and return to the previous setting after a 30 second delay.

If the unit was not unplugged during maintenance, the indicator light will flash RED. Press the reset button twice. The reset button is the small black button located beside the indicator light. The indicator light will flash several times before turning off. Once the indicator light is off, the Lite Touch wall control will be enabled.