How to Use Your Tri-Sorter

We take green living seriously.

That’s why we make recycling in your condominium home as easy as throwing out your trash.

Did you know that the “garbage chute” in your condominium community is actually a tri-sorter that allows you to recycle in one convenient location?  If you’ve ever lived in an older apartment building, you’ll probably remember the days when you had to collect and store your plastics and paper (there was no green bin back then!) for the one day a week that was designated for recycling; usually in a room somewhere on the ground floor of your apartment building.

The tri-sorter designed into your new condominium eliminates that waste.  This simple idea enables you to divert both green and blue box waste from landfill by simply pressing a button.

This video explains how to use your tri-sorter properly and also outlines what can and cannot be recycled in both your green and blue bins.

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