Warranty & Tarion


Our Service Promise

We promise to be prompt, professional and of the highest standard while keeping you informed.

Service Response Times

Immediate Response – In-suite Emergency (e.g. loss of access, power, heat or flood)

Up to 1 Week Response – Complete Loss of Performance (e.g. loss of air conditioning or refrigeration)

Up to 2 Weeks Response – Loss of Optimal Function or Maintenance Review (e.g. door swing, setting security alarm & thermostat)

Up to 4 Weeks Response – Aesthetic or diagnostic where the concern requires additional investigation (e.g. drywall appearance or acoustic)

Your Tarion Warranty


Your homes warranty begins on the date you close on your suite. And with every suite comes a warranty backed by the Tarion Warranty Corporation.

Each purchaser receives a new Homeowner Information Package (HIP), on or before your inspection appointment. The package explains your rights and responsibilities under the Tarion Warranties Plan Act, particularly what you need to do within the first 30 days after you get possession of your new home.


Your Tridel Warranty

1 & 2 YEAR WARRANTY – Owners have additional coverage from Tridel’s New Home Warranty, covering  in-suite  workmanship  (first  year)  and  system  performance  (second  year),  from initial Occupancy & Closing. The warranty is with the home so it remains in effect even if ownership changes.

In-suite service requests are acknowledged within one business day, which will include next steps and timing.

POST WARRANTY – All in-suite maintenance and repairs are the homeowner’s responsibility. Your Del Property Management team may organize specific community maintenance programs (e.g. fancoil maintenance) and can refer you to specialists and trades familiar with your homes features and finishes.

Your Maintenance Responsibilities

There are a number of easy things that should be done regularly to help ensure your home performs optimally. View your seasonal maintenance requirements below.