Your Closing & Move-In

It’s an exciting time when you pick up your keys and get ready to move in. Keep in mind these milestones for a smooth closing and move-in.

Closing on Your Occupancy Date & Key Pick-Up

On your occupancy date, you will either Interim Close or Final Close. Interim Closing occurs if your community has not yet become a Registered Condominium Corporation.

At Interim Closing, you will not yet receive Title to your home, and will be required to pay a monthly occupancy fee until Final Closing. This fee is calculated based on the projected realty taxes, maintenance fees and interest on the unpaid balance of your home.

At this time, you and your immediate family member may occupy the suite. If you wish to rent your condo, you can do so through Del Condominium Rentals ( Renting, selling and advertising your home for sale can only be done once you have final closed and the community has Registered.

If your community has Registered before your occupancy date, you will go to a straight Final Closing and immediately take title of your new home. See below for more information on Registration and Final Closing.

Key Release & New Home Closing Package. Once your suite has legally closed, confirmed by our lawyers and yours, your New Home Closing Package can be released to you. This package contains your community access devices, suite, locker and other common area keys (as applicable) and can easily be picked up through your community’s Concierge.

You will receive Del Property Management Registration (DPM) forms from our Customer Care team in advance of your closing or move-in date. These documents are required to be completed on or before your closing and moving date in order to activate your community access devices. These forms will ask you to fill out owner and resident profiles of those living in your suite, license and vehicle information, pet profiles, if applicable, and more.


Moving In

Schedule your moving arrangements early on - a month to two months before your move. Be sure to pick up or request a Moving Day Guide from Customer Care, your Concierge or DPM team. This will outline the details on the location of the moving areas, elevator dimensions and garage allowance for the allowable maximum size of movable furnishings, trucks and more.

Contact property management to reserve an elevator for moving-in or for large parcel deliveries which cannot be transported through the lobby or in an unprotected elevator.

TIP: We recommend moving in AFTER your closing date since lawyer and bank transactions are often not complete until late afternoon.

Registration of Your Community & Final Closing of Your Home

Registration. This is the process by which the Condominium’s Declaration and description are formally approved by the City and a Condominium Corporation number is issued. A Condominium Corporation is created under the Condominium Act for the purposes of administering the operation, maintenance and repair of the common elements and assets of the condominium. The Corporation is guided by a democratically elected Board of Directors consisting of homeowners.

Final Closing. At Final Closing, you will receive Title to your home. Final Closing occurs about four to six weeks after Registration. If you Interim Closed before the community registered, you will be notified of your Final Closing date. If your Occupancy Date occurs after this time, you skip the Interim Closing process, and will move to a straight Final Closing. Mortgages begin at Final Closing.

Meet the Team

Del Property Management (DPM). Your professional DPM team is responsible for the overall building maintenance, emergency building response, coordination of recreational facilities, and community committees. DPM is also the primary resource for coordinating your common area requests and addressing concerns, which include neighbour relations, if there ever is a difference in lifestyles.

Concierge. Your 24-hour concierge team provides access control and assistance for visitors and deliveries. They can receive packages on your behalf, make amenity reservations for you, and are your first contact in case of in-suite or building emergencies.

Building Superintendent. Working closely with property management, your building superintendent is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the common areas, including the amenity spaces, corridors, garbage chutes, and underground parking. If you have any building concerns, please reach out to the Property Management team or the concierge.

Tridel Customer Care & Customer Connection Centre (C3).Your Customer Care team is here to support you for any in-suite maintenance and warranty concerns. For times when you have a question or concern and are unsure on who to call, C3 is always there for you. C3 is a team of professional experts who know all things Tridel and can help guide you to the best answers and resources.

Always Here for You

We will always be here to help you along your new home journey with us. If you have any questions during the various phases of your journey, contact C3 – Tridel's Customer Connection Centre.

Email: | Phone: 416.661.9394