Under Construction

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! From the sale to a finished community, there are many key milestones where you see your new home become a reality.

The Purchase of Your New Home

Once you’ve finalized the sale of your new home, you will receive an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, which is the document that outlines the rights around the purchase of your condominium. It will include a number of schedules and documents, such as the floor plan, Statement of Critical Dates, and more.

At this stage, ensure all contact information is correct and up-to-date and be sure to notify us if any of your personal information changes. We may also ask you to provide a firm mortgage approval and lawyer information, if you have one.


Designing Your Home

Just before the construction of your new community starts, we invite you to explore our wide range of innovative solutions and finishes and to personalize your new home at our Design Studio at The Lobby. An invitation to attend your design appointment will be emailed to you, so be sure to keep an eye out for that email.

You will be introduced to our unique app that lets you visualize all the finishes and features available to you, including a review of the electrical template for your suite. Once you are happy with your selections, you can finalize the design features to make your home distinctly yours.

Visit the Design Studio at The Lobby

The Construction of Your Home & Community

The construction of your new home and community is an exciting phase of the journey as you begin to see your future community come to life. Our experienced and tenured construction team puts their skills and dedication to work daily for the good of our homeowners, their families, and the communities we build.

While there are many milestones during the construction of a new development, there are a few key ones to note:

Construction Start. Once we’ve received zoning and municipal approvals, we begin the construction of your new home and community. We’ll send you an Official Notice of Construction Start and will let you know what this means for your occupancy date.

Roof Completion. Reaching the full height of a condominium tower is also an important milestone as it brings you one step closer towards occupancy of your new home.

Potential Occupancy Delays. Many factors throughout the construction process may lead to potential occupancy delays. While our construction teams make every effort to minimize these delays, we are committed to reviewing our construction schedule at various stages throughout development and keeping you updated about any changes to your occupancy date.

Your Occupancy Date. Occupancy dates change throughout the construction phase from Tentative, to Final Tentative to Firm.

  • Tentative Occupancy Dates can be extended throughout construction, as long as your Outside Occupancy Date is not exceeded.

  • Your Final Tentative Occupancy Date is established once the roof is completed for your community. A Final Tentative Date may be extended only once, by a maximum of 120 days.

  • If your Final Tentative Occupancy Date is extended, or at 90 days prior to your Final Tentative Occupancy Date, your occupancy date will become a Firm Occupancy Date. This date will only move in the case of an unforeseen emergency (e.g., trade strike or material delay).

For information on when your homebuilder can extend your occupancy date, you can refer to the Tarion Addendum in your APS or contact our Customer Connection Centre to speak to a representative.

Always Here for You

We will always be here to help you along your new home journey with us. If you have any questions during the various phases of your journey, contact C3 – Tridel's Customer Connection Centre.

Email: ask@tridel.com | Phone: 416.661.9394