Community Updates

Community Progress Update – November 2018

Our Ten York community is nearing completion with our Construction teams having finished the exterior landscaping around the property. Along with our trade partners, we are working to complete the interior finishes of the building with drywall installation currently taking place on the 65th floor, kitchen and tiles are being installed on the 63rd floor.

Our Customer Care team is conducting Homeowner Orientations on the 52nd floor. More than half of homeowners in the community have Interim Closed and taken possession of their home.

Photos updated every 30 minutes during work hours.


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Projected Construction Timing

Activity Estimated Start** Estimated Completion** Duration**
Shoring/Excavation February 2014 Complete 209 Days
Forming October 2014 July 2018 45 Months
Building Envelope June 2016 January 2019 31 Months
Interior Finishing March 2017 March 2019 24 Months
Streetscaping September 2017 November 2018 13 months
Occupancies April 2018 June 2019 14 Months


**Dates are tentative and subject to change without notice.
Hoarding and overhead protection to be removed throughout streetscaping activities; current forecasted removal is for September 2018.