Experience the New Podium Suite Release.

Discover the new release of 1- and 2-bedroom Podium Condo Suites at Via Bloor. The thoughtfully-considered floorplans feature an array of premium features and high-quality finishes, with picturesque views of the city or Rosedale Valley. The Podium Suites represent the gateway to luxury.

Via Bloor Podium Suites
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Unrivalled Amenities

Via Bloor lets you choose how to start, end, or fill your day with a host of state-of-art amenities. Almost anything you could think of, including inspiration.

Super Connected

Taking a trip? Whether you’re hanging out in the city, or headed beyond its limits, Bloor and Parliament is an easy place to start your next journey.

Via Bloor Suites

Signature Suites

Stunning Signature Suites. Perfect for entertaining or relaxing with unobstructed backdrops of the city or ravine.