A Trip To The Spa Is An Every Day Event

Exquisite hotel-like amenities await you at Via Bloor. Whatever your day looks like, the allure of Via Bloor is designed for you to just be.

Via Bloor lets you choose how to start, end, or fill your day with a host of state-of-art facilities. The centerpiece 5th floor outdoor pool and lounge offers you a refuge at which to unwind above the fray.

Via Bloor Amenities - 5th Floor

A floor below, you’ll have your choice of activity in your spin room, fitness centre, weight room, plus indoor & outdoor yoga studios. Prefer some blissful inactivity? Enjoy a whirlpool, the sauna & steam rooms, and lounges. If you’re feeling social, Via Bloor accommodates you beautifully with a choice of party rooms to entertain. Almost anything you could think of, including inspiration, will be ready, willing, and able to delight you here at Via Bloor.

Via Bloor Amenities - 4th Floor