Contemporary Expressions of Luxurious Living

A joyful, gleaming magnificence overlooks the lush Rosedale Valley. Two harmonious towers each express their unique characters in forms oval and square.

Bolstered by a bold podium, Via Bloor’s impressive foundation is equally intent on serving its residents with healthy variety of retail and service spaces ringing the perimeter of the concourse.

Finished in clean, contemporary lines and softened by a chamfered effect, Via Bloor is a jewel worthy of its place as the gateway to the Bloor Yorkville district.

You enter the soaring lobby amidst the towering columns that seem to stand at attention. Yes, this is a style to which you will indeed become accustomed. And still, it’s reassuring to know that great care was taken to ensure that, while luxurious, the aesthetic remains at all times, one of welcome and warm embrace. After all, this is the place you will proudly call home.