Live Construction Camera & Updates

June 2018 Community Update

Shoring and excavation are moving along well at our Via Bloor community, with the anticipation of completing all excavation work in August. The crane installation will also take place in August, allowing for the start of the concrete pour soon after.

To erect a tower crane on a construction site, the crane mast is set into a foundation with steel pedestals. Concrete is poured and the crane is then ready to be erected once concrete has finished curing. A crane mast section can vary in length from 3 to 12 meters and are added to the base until the appropriate height is achieved; an operator cabin can then be added. The crane height will change throughout the construction of the community as the concrete is poured to form each floor.

A Fun, Friendly and Fantastical Mural Launches at Via Bloor. Click here for more information.

Photos updated every 15 minutes during work hours.

Via Bloor Construction Management Plan & Community Communication Strategy

This strategy outlines the measures that will be taken before and during construction of the Via Bloor community located at 575 & 585 Bloor Street East. The community is situated on the south side of Bloor Street East, north of Howard Street, between Parliament Street and Edgedale Road.

Communications Plan & Contacts

Questions regarding the Via Bloor community and your suite?

Tridel’s C3 Centre
Customer Connection Centre

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Email: | Phone: 416.661.9394

For direct concerns surrounding the construction taking place, please contact:

Construction Site Office:
Tel: 647-350-1504
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7AM – 5PM
Security Dispatch:
Tel: 1-877-497-0125; or
416-477-3350 ext 0
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Deltera Construction Info:
Contact: Alex Gelman, Assistant Project Manager
Tel: 416-736-8353

Projected Construction Timing

Activity Estimated Start** Estimated Completion** Duration**
Shoring/Excavation February 2018 August 2018 5 Months
Forming August 2018 May 2020 23 Months
Building Envelope May 2019 August 2020 16 Months
Interior Finishing September 2019 October 2021 26 Months
Streetscaping August 2020 Jan 2021 6 months
Occupancies January 2021 October 2021 10 Months


**Dates are tentative and subject to change without notice.
Hoarding and overhead protection to be removed throughout streetscaping activities; current forecasted removal is between July 2020 to Dec 2020.