Born Out of Its Spectacular Surroundings

Hear From The Architecture Firm Behind Aqualuna.


Sweeping terraces and balconies dance up and down the building landscape formed by two towers and a valley in between. The northern and southern peaks of the development shift slightly apart to the north west and towards the south east, resulting in maximized views from each residence.

As the development dips in the middle, respecting the views of neighbouring buildings, it creates the perfect location for an amenity terrace overlooking the Parliament Slip to the east and Lake Ontario to the south west.


The facades and terraces are angled to take advantage of the best views and sun conditions. All terraces are facing south-east or south-west. The angled grid creates facades that look “past” each other, maximizing the lake views.


Creating urban spaces that are active, safe and relate to the human scale is important to the project. Outdoor living spaces and active ground floor facades contribute to the animation of the streets and promenade.


Aqualuna seeks to maximize water views from the residential suites and amenity spaces. At the same time, the building design is considerate towards the views of the neighbouring buildings and streets.