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From The Lobby,

A Tridel Meeting Place.



Design Appointments begin for residents of Chateau, the third and final building to rise in the Auberge on the Park community. Appointments will begin for suites on the lower floors of the tower, progressing floor by floor up the tower, and they will run through to approximately August 2022.

When it’s time to schedule your appointment, a member of our Design Services team will a member of our Design Services team will invite you to experience The Lobby, Tridel’s Design Studio. You will meet with a Design Consultant to discover innovative solutions and finishes for your new home. It is a truly immersive experience in a multi-functional space, designed to bring all the possibilities you imagine, to life.

Before you visit us in person, you can browse the vast selection of finishes that are available to you by exploring our Online Catalogue, from flooring and tiles, to countertops, cabinetry and so much more.

02OCTOBER 2021

Park Progress.

03OCTOBER 2021

Construction Update.

04OCTOBER 2021

Neighbourhood Spotlight: The Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

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