FEBRUARY 06, 2023

6 Interior Design Trends for 2023.

At the beginning of a new year, it's natural to start thinking about how design will change and evolve, and which upcoming trends will shape our homes in the year ahead.

Recently I attended the Interior Design Show 2023 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre - a four-day event showcasing some of the latest trends in interior design, and it was a feast for the eyes of design enthusiasts. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the standout trends from the show.  

1. Natural and organic materials. 

As more individuals look to pay homage to the natural world and are bringing organic materials into the comfort of their home, it was no surprise to see natural and organic materials be a dominant theme throughout the show. This can include everything from recycled and local products in ethereal shades and muted greens, a range of reds or sapphire blues, to sculptures in organic shapes and dessert tones. 


2. Multifunctional spaces. 

In 2023, people are striving to maximize their space. Work-from-home continues to remain common practice, which is why there is an increasing interest in developing flexible interiors wisely and purposefully. There was a great selection of innovative products, including the Kube. This unique solution offers a fully insulated and ventilated mini meeting space ideal for those in need of a quiet and private workspace.  


3. Curves and rounded edges. 

While modern design used to be associated with mainly linear straight edges, Mid-Century design elements are a driver to shifting that definition. At this year’s IDS, furniture with curved and soft edges were consistent. Curvy sofas and circular coffee tables are two examples of this trend in fluid and organic furniture design that is becoming more popular as we seek design-forward comfort. 


4. Minimalist kitchens. 

When it comes to kitchen design, less often means more. Hidden storage and clutter-free countertops, are some examples of how to apply this trend. Miele showcased modern kitchen appliances with grey and glass finishes, combined with a press-to-open feature, giving the appliances a sleek, contemporary look while eliminating the need for handles.  


5. Modern and Practical Bathrooms.  

In the bathroom, design trends are moving toward space-saving and clean lines. Mirrors with integrated lighting and storage space are practical and stylish options for keeping bathroom essentials organized. The IDS also featured freestanding tubs with faucets mounted on the deck, saving valuable floor space in ensuite bathrooms.  


6. Matte Black Finishes.  

Black dominated the IDS and was seen in many forms: from freestanding tubs to vanities and mirror frames. Deciding to use black makes a classic design statement. If you  want to ease into using black, a matte finish will soften the look. If you ask me, in my opinion using black is a style choice, not a trend. It’s here to stay. 


Overall, the 2023 interior design trends focus on designing sustainable and wellness-focused spaces that showcase the homeowner's personality. 

Intentional spaces and purpose-driven product design are obvious takeaways from #IDS23. Design is usually an accurate reflection and future forecast of a collective mindset. The message was clear that warmth, fluid shapes, comfort, grounded wellness - and what they mean for home (and office) - are the direction moving forward. 

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Stella Salvador, Principal Interior Designer 
For Stella, Home is a creative laboratory: a personal sanctuary that fosters health,, productive energy and creative thought. Stella credits empathy, honesty and travel and design inspirations. Her signature style is unconsciously comfortable with an elevated aesthetic.

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