MARCH 31, 2023

A Guide to Studio Condos: Exploring Versatility in Your Home

Explore how the Tridel Design Team maximizes functional space, using creative layouts and furniture solutions to create living spaces that adapt seamlessly to the demands of modern living. Get ready to be inspired by the possibilities.

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Living downtown comes with many amazing benefits. Being immersed in the rich, diverse culture and metropolitan-style living that Toronto offers is an amazing experience for young and old alike. With everything you could need or want at hand, and the ability to step out with friends at moment’s notice into busy streets filled with delicious food and curated stores, there is no question that living in the heart of the city has so many alluring draws.

Sometimes, a prime urban location can come with a trade-off for living space, but in this month’s design blog, we look at how Tridel’s Interior Designers created a series of beautifully appointed and highly functional studio suites for the Queen Church community, to overcome challenges with smaller spaces.

To create functional, flexible, multi-purpose spaces, it’s important to spend time analyzing and thinking about how you live. What types of activities do you do regularly in your home and where in your home do you do them? Which of those activities and locations overlap and which ones do not? Answering these questions will guide you to see which spaces in your home can pull double duty.

Transformed Living.

A great example: working from home and eating dinner. These are generally two activities that don’t overlap with each other, assuming that you usually work between the hours of 9am to 5pm. This means, that these two activities could potentially occur in the same location, since you wouldn’t be trying to do both in one space at the same time.

Another thing to consider is activities that you can do together, or one activity you do from different spaces, perhaps there is a way to make those overlap. An example of this is watching tv, you can watch from the sofa or from bed. In the example of a studio having a sofa that can convert into a bed means perfect tv viewing angles from either position.

Once you have this list detailing how you use the spaces of your home, and how you structure your day, you can start to layout your suite. With the “Ready Suites” at Queen Church, Tridel’s Interior Designers went through this exact process to dissect and analyze how people live. Every space has a dual purpose to get the maximum use out of every square foot. They were able to equip the spaces to adapt to suit multiple activities, and selected furniture that can convert, move and stow away, to accommodate various uses.

The following video shows examples of how versatile your space can truly be. A sofa with a fold down bed, a closet that acts as a desk, pull out nightstands from storage cabinets, and a tv on a swivel mount, are just some of the amazing ways you can create flexibility in your space.

With the help of a bit of design vision and multi-functional furniture, a little can go a long way in studio living! We’d love to hear from you if you’ve found ways to make your living space multi-functional, and how you maximize space in a smaller suite.

For more information on available studio suites or the flexible designer-selected finish packages, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Queen Church sales team.

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Jim Stoops, Director Design Services

Jim believes in ignoring the rules and creating spaces that are personal and tailored to the client. His design style leans toward layered, saturated spaces with an identifiable history.

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