Tridel. 85 Years of History and Still Rising.

Tridel. 85 Years of History and Still Rising.

A Strong Foundation

We’ve been a leader in community building for over 85 years, and our founders redefined what “home” is. While today we’re passionate about building condominium homes, our story is about much more than what we build.

Founded in 1934 by Jack DelZotto, an Italian stonemason who came to Canada in 1927 from Northern Italy who originally settling in northern Ontario, Jack worked in the mines near Timmins, until finally relocating permanently in Toronto.  Here, he found work as a bricklayer during the construction of the Park Plaza Hotel.  Eventually Jack moved into business for himself, building single family homes.

Built on this strong foundation, the company grew.  By the 1960’s, Jack’s three sons, Angelo, Elvio and Leo, joined their father in the family business. Originally known as DelZotto Construction , the company built it’s reputation on building beautifully crafted homes in the Toronto and southern Ontario. The firm grew into larger construction projects, building their first rental apartment building.  This first rental building included two towers, complete with recreational facilities, a swimming pool, and fully landscaped grounds.    As Toronto grew, so did the company. Eventually, Jack’s three sons assumed stewardship of the company and together with business partner Harvey Fruitman, rebranded the company as Tridel, a reference to the three DelZotto brothers.

The Rise of The Condominium

In 1967, Ontario created the Condominium with an act passed in provincial legislation and the modern condominium was born.  Tridel, an early adopter of this new vision of homeownership, focused on it’s vision to become the premier builder of condominium communities. Building on their experience in crafting luxury rental buildings, Tridel evolved into a leading developer of luxury condominium communities but also to set the standard in the industry.

As the condominium lifestyle became the first choice for more homeowners in Canada, Tridel continued to evolve. Going ‘beyond the bricks and mortar construction of homes’, we grew into the thriving Tridel Group of Companies, with sister companies focused on condominium property management, rental and commercial property management, seniors living, furnished executive accommodations, and a real estate brokerage.

The Rising Need for Sustainable Design

Throughout our history, Tridel has been an industry leader in innovation.  Tridel’s dedication to building not just luxurious condominium communities but homes that are healthier and more sustainable lead us to lead in the industry in healthy homes and communities for our homeowners lead us to lead the way in establishing the Tridel Built Green Built for Life philosophy. Our commitment to creating homes that were energy-efficient, environmentally responsible and healthy places to live began in 2003 with the construction of the Element community, the first residential condominium utilizing the Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling system in Canada, our first Tridel Built Green Built For Life community.   In 2006, Tridel made a commitment to build all new buildings to LEED standards, an internationally recognized rating system for sustainable building practices.  This commitment has lead Tridel to become the largest builder of sustainable condominiums in Canada, a leadership role which has been recognized with 10 Green Builder of The Year awards.  Tridel continues to lead the industry in researching and developing innovative technologies through strategic partnerships.

The Rise in Technology & Innovation

Looking to the future and the growing need to expand on the convenience and peace of mind features of the condominium lifestyle, we  introduced  smart home technology branded Tridel Connect at our Ten York community in downtown Toronto. This innovative new technology offers residents smart home features such as hands-free entry to their communities, efficient parcel delivery, license plate recognition, in-suite wall pad and smartphone app, alarm security features, robust in suite Wi-Fi, all delivering homeowners a better living experience.

While quality in design has always been an essential ingredient in delivering luxury homes for our homeowners, Tridel again set the industry standard with the establishment of The Lobby, a Tridel meeting place and design centre.  This new space, located at Tridel’s head office, a high-tech Design Centre which offers homeowners a fully integrated environment in which to explore customizations of their homes. By marrying a space where homeowners can touch and feel finishes, meet with new neighbours for homeowner seminars and utilize tech-tools such as the new Design app, The Lobby delivers a superior experience for new homeowners.

Rising to Meet the Challenge of the Next 85 Years

85 years in the making, the history of Tridel is still growing strong as we enter a new year and a new decade.  We redefined what ‘home’ is; a lifestyle and a community that connects us to each other and our surroundings. It was an idea that has transformed our industry and leads us to continue to set new standards in innovation, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and luxury homes as we move into the next 86 years and beyond.  Our journey so far has taken us from being the first developer to win the prestigious Ernest Assaly Award for Customer Service Excellence from Tarion to being recognized with virtually every major industry award, including this year’s Ontario Home Builder of the Year. It is the trust that our customers have repeatedly shown in us which we most value. What began over 8 decades ago with a vision of creating beautifully crafted homes and strong, healthy communities, has grown into Canada’s leader in condominium homes, a vision that continues to guide us as we rise to meet the future.