Queen Church at 60 Queen Street East

Connection Like You Never Imagined

A host of leading-edge indoor and outdoor amenities spread across 16,000 square feet, getting you into high gear or a state of relaxation with places to stay fit, meet friends, work or play. How you spend your days and nights is entirely up to you.

Queen Church Exterior Streetscape

Entering the stunning lobby of Queen Church, you’re immediately impressed by the artistic vision evident in the modern design, furnishings and eye-catching artwork.

Queen Church Level One Amenities

Level One Amenities

Where It All Begins

  1. Entry Vestibule

  2. Lounge

  3. Concierge

  4. Parcel Storage

  5. Mailroom

  6. Elevators

Queen Church Level Four Amenity Plan

Level Four Amenities

You've Got to Move It

  1. Fitness Centre

  2. Outdoor Yoga Deck

  3. Yoga Studio

  4. Kid's Play Zone

  5. Outdoor Kid's Zone

Queen Church Level Five Amenity Plan

Level Five Amenities

Getting Down to Business

  1. Cowork Lounge

  2. Outdoor Cowork Lounge

  3. Digital Studio

  4. Meeting Room

  5. Meeting Room

  6. Outdoor Meeting Area

Queen Church Level Six Amenity Plan

Level Six Amenities

Socialize to Revitalize

  1. Multi-purpose Lounge

  2. Outdoor Lounge

  3. Theatre & Gaming Lounge

  4. Outdoor Lounge

  5. Dining Room

Queen Church Level Seven Amenity Plan

Level Seven Amenities

Big Sky Backdrop

  1. BBQ and Dining

  2. Cowork Lounge

  3. Fireplace Lounge

  4. Pet Run

Head to the seventh floor terrace and dine in style with BBQs and a fireplace lounge. Take in stunning views of the city as you socialize to revitalize.

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