Looking to do Additional Customization to Your Suite?

IMPORTANT Information to Assist You & Your Trades

As you settle into your new home and community we expect that you may want to do some some additional customization. As part of that, you may be using professional consultants and trades.

It is critical that trade related work be effectively managed in the community. This will allow us to coordinate security and access control as well as preserve the common elements of the community.

It will also help us to ensure that everyone knows about and respects the approved times for work, where to park (if possible) and how to dispose of any construction waste. There is also important documentation that we provide you with for your trades, to assist in ensuring that experienced professionals with the right credentials and insurance are verified for the work that is proposed.

While you are ultimately responsible for any trades or consultants you bring into the community, the structure and information we provide you with can help prevent unnecessary complications that could occur.

Before Final Closing, you will need to provide information to us  at ask@tridel.com and we will assist you. In the future and once you have a resident elected Board of Directors, all work will be coordinated with your Del Property Management team and approved by your Board.

The majority of our customers undertake “light” customization where painting, crown moulding and closet organizers, are some of the most common requests. These requests are generally same day requests and only require you to itemize the work and list the expected trades coming to the community (with associated dates and times).

More extensive customization requests that may impact the structure of your home or the infrastructure of the common elements may require additional time and coordination.

Working together with all homeowners and their trades, we should be able to successfully minimize any inconvenience or disturbance to you and other residents who are living and enjoying their new home and community.

Should you have any questions or concerns surrounding the Suite Renovation process or your Tridel home in general, please do not hesitate to contact the Tridel Customer Connection Centre (C3 Centre) at 416.661.9394 or via e-mail at ask@tridel.com.