Construction Camera and Updates

We understand that as construction of The Well progresses, you want to know how it will affect you and your neighbourhood. These updates provide you important information on construction progress to help minimize the impact to your daily routine. 


October 2021 Construction Update

There are lots of exciting things happening at The Well!

Installation of the commercial canopy is well underway. This canopy, fabricated in and shipped from Germany, is an architectural masterpiece, visually connecting the interior space with the outdoors.

Various cladding systems (materials and systems applied to the exterior walls of a building) are also being installed, while landscape activities commence.

Additionally, the commercial podium transfer slabs are now complete. A transfer slab is a floor reinforced with rebar and other supports that transfers the load from the building above it to the posts, walls and foundation underneath it. This is a critical and often lengthy process to complete.

Window installation on Tridel’s Classic Series I has begun, with the teams preparing to install in-suite and common element mechanical and electrical services. We look forward to our next big milestones at Classic Series II and our Signature Series communities.

We will continue to update you throughout this project and let you know if our schedules change. Please check this page regularly.

Live From the Well

 Check back often to see live progress from our on-site construction feed which is updated every 15 minutes.


Sustainable Heating & Cooling Design

Enwave is extending its existing Deep Lake Water Cooling and hot water distribution networks by building a new energy storage facility underneath The Well.


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