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    From Township to Amalgamation

    The name “Etobicoke” originates with the Mississauga First Nation, who called Etobicoke Creek and the area around it “Adobigok”, meaning “where the alders grow.” The Mississaugas had moved from the Mississagi River area on Lake Huron to the north shore of Lake Ontario around 1700.


    Key Dates in Etobicoke’s History

    1799First reference to “Etobicoke” as a township in the Minutes of a York County meeting.

    1850Becomes an independent township with its own elected council, led by a reeve

    1953Etobicoke Township, Mimico, New Toronto and Long Branch became 4 of 13 municipalities in the new Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto (April 1)

    1967Etobicoke Township, Mimico, New Toronto and Long Branch amalgamated to become the Borough of Etobicoke, led by a mayor (January 1)

    1983Etobicoke incorporated as a City (June 29)

    1998Etobicoke, along with Scarborough, North York, York and East York, are incorporated into the City of Toronto (January 1)

  • Etobicoke today

    A thriving connection point for 200 years

    Looking back through the centuries, it’s amazing to realize that the master plan for Etobicoke Centre in the 21st century mirrors the early vision of a vital, connected community – even down to the idea of beautifying Dundas West. Early photos of Dundas show flowering catalpa trees that had been planted by a local, and the master plan unfolding now also includes generous plantings of trees and flowers along the street.

    Bloor and Islington is becoming even more connected to the rest of the GTA, making it an ideal base for exploration.

  • Etobicoke tomorrow
    Future Etobicoke Civic CentreConceptual renderings of Etobicoke Civic Centre provided by City of Toronto. The Vendor shall not be liable or responsible for any warranties or representations made in terms of the creation and completion of any of the future proposed Etobicoke Civic Centre.

    Discover the New Etobicoke

    Dundas Transformed. Westerly condominium is your opportunity to be part of the vital new Etobicoke Centre as it takes shape along a 2.8 km. stretch of Bloor and Dundas Streets. Fulfilling a vision for a thriving, people-centred urban neighbourhood, the new downtown for Etobicoke is rising amidst green and tree-lined pedestrian and bike-friendly wide boulevards, new parks, amenities and street art.

    The New Downtown Rises

    The City of Toronto’s Etobicoke Centre Secondary Plan outlines the transformation of this swath of land from Islington Ave. southwest to Shaver Ave. “from a collection of high-density residential and office buildings to a physically and functionally integrated, mixed-use community.”

    Like many areas in Toronto that are at the crossroads of main thoroughfares, Etobicoke Centre is envisioned to be an urban focal point for the western part of the City of Toronto.

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