Our Purpose & Promise

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The Report celebrates our impact and all the achievements we’ve made over the past year. It shares our story behind the ‘bricks and mortar’ and construction, offering you, our customers and our partners, greater insight into who we are, what we do, how we do it and why.

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Happy + beautiful homes

We exist to create homes that are healthy for people and our planet. While you and your family create the heart and soul of your home, we create a space that makes you feel safe, comfortable and nurtured.  Designed to be stylish and enduring, our homes go beyond the aesthetic and give you a place that supports the rhythm and flow of your life.

Amazing communities

Communities that physically and emotionally connect you to your environment, your neighbours (only the ones you want) and the world. Communities that redefine what it means to be social while being socially and environmentally responsible, not just in our construction practices when we build your home, but in the innovative systems used to operate your community that save time, money, energy and our planet.

A responsible global leader

We understand our business has environmental and social impacts. We believe in shaping inclusive places and spaces that are designed for all people to enjoy a healthy everyday living environment. Our commitment goes beyond the physical and extends into how we build. We have a responsibility to pioneer exemplary policy, research, processes and guiding principles that ensure our communities contribute to a thriving, sustainable metropolis.

Giving back

The ability of our business to create social and environmental change is a privilege. We make conscious choices to leverage the power of our employees, brands, customers and partners to support positive long-term changes that expand awareness and empower people in our communities to take action.

Built for Life

Our promise to you is a simple, powerful reflection of our Built For Life trademark. This means building for today’s lifestyle so you can enjoy condominium living to the fullest, in beautiful, safe, healthy sustaining communities where the genuine care and outstanding experience of our customers is our greatest mission.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has come to mean something much greater in scope and ambition than philanthropy or sustainable construction practices. We believe the concept of “the triple bottom line” is not a choice but a business imperative, where people, planet and profit are aligned to positively contribute to our society and our shared success. Learn more.



Knowing that you have the best home for the best value

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Making things better in significant and meaningful ways

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Giving Back

To create social and environmental change is a privilege.

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Tridel: An award winning tradition.

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Built Green Built for Life

The environmental leader in our industry.

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