Design & Décor


Style is what brings you comfort. It’s what energizes, soothes and inspires you. Not sure what your style is? Go have a look in your closet.
Stella Salvador, Manager, Interior Design

At Tridel, while delivering a beautiful home, we never forget about the functionality and usability for everyday living. The design and décor stage (often the most anticipated) ensures that your home is truly a reflection of you. While our home designs are created to meet the needs of many different lifestyles, they are merely a starting point. We’re delighted to offer a team of talented and creative professionals who listen… and then add their own inspired, innovative and practical ideas to help create your home, with your details. Your design and décor appointment is the first step toward making your vision a reality.

Tridel’s Home+ Magazine

Tridel's Home+ MagazineTridel’s Home+ is designed to inspire and guide you through the many possibilities for your new home. We tackle the planning, space optimization, materials and finishes selection as well as furnishings. Sections like the Shopping Guide and Bringing Value Home have been included to offer you an even better, more thorough (yet still simple) tool for creating a space that’s uniquely you. Download the latest edition now.

Ask a Designer

StellaNeed help with solutions for your own design concerns? Borrow ideas from a pro.

Many people wonder if they should hire an interior designer to help them with their design and décor selections. In most cases, it’s not necessary. View Stella’s Design Solutions

Personalize Your Space

In a world that has become highly customized, we believe that you should have the opportunity to personalize your home even more, should you wish to do so.

Today’s homebuyers are sophisticated and appreciate value, luxury and attention to the most minute details that enhance lifestyle. Often, these are the things that are difficult to visualize. Tridel’s Design Team selectively stages suites to allow homebuyers to see and appreciate the full potential of their home’s design. It also allows homeowners to see first hand the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each of our homes.