Stella’s Solutions



How do I make a contemporary focal point with my fireplace?

For modern décor, I suggest looking at new materials in new ways. Consider the room’s overall design when making your selections. Often, clean lines, mosaic tiles and the lack of a mantle complement a modern look really well. By continuing the stone up the wall, you create a beautiful accent wall with intense drama. My favourite tip? Raise the fireplace to sitting height, so you can fully enjoy the view.


Can you suggest window coverings for a curved window?

For most of us, curved windows are a delight, until we try to cover them. REST ASSURED, curved curtain rods are available. They symmetrically follow the shape of the windows. Floor length panels flank the windows beautifully. By placing rods at the ceiling, you create a sense of greater height.


How can I best design a multi-function room?

First, try to keep materials and colours consistent. It promotes a sense of unity. Consider your day-to-day living and assign a space for each task. Illumination is critical in these environments. By lighting appropriately, with task or ambient lighting, you make the most of living in a multi-function space. Wall units are also practical and reach ceiling height. The goal? High performance with functionality and comfort.


How do I best deal with floor-to-ceiling large windows?

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide phenomenal views, but they can also bring heat and glare, which you may want to filter at times. Consider roller shades, which cover large windows cleanly and evenly – no fabric necessary! They also maintain the shape of the windows by covering them in sections. These are easily manipulated, and don’t limit you.


What’s the best way to visually expand a small space?

Fact: urban living sometimes means diminutive spaces. Start with the basics. By mirroring a wall, you essentially double and broaden your room. You also double the natural sunlight that enters your suite. Worried about sacrificing wall space? Be creative and consider hanging art from the ceiling for a novel display and striking décor accent. (Be sure to do it safely.)