Centralized Exhaust Ventilator

Your Centralized Exhaust System

Your Centralized Exhaust System is an integral part of your home’s ventilation design. This new and innovative system delivers fresh air directly to your building while recovering 60% to 70% of the energy of your outgoing air. Your system continuously exchanges the air in your home, exhausting stale air and pollutants from the bathrooms and delivering fresh air into your home improving your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Cost Savings

Heating and cooling energy are recovered and conserved by your Energy Recovery System, reducing the energy necessary to heat or cool new incoming air.

How Does it Work?

Waste energy from the stale air in your home transfers energy to the incoming fresh air, helping to warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. By reducing the temperature difference between the two air streams without using any energy, this contributes to approximately 60 – 70% of heat recovery. However, a Centralized Exhaust is more than a system to remove stale air from your suite; it’s an integral part of your suite’s overall ventilation system, balancing the exhaust air from your bathrooms and continuously replacing it with fresh air. With the amount of time most Canadians spend enjoying the comfort of their homes, fresh air is a necessary and welcome improvement to your home’s indoor air quality.

What’s different?

Each suite is connected to a common exhaust shaft through the bathroom vents. Rather than turning on your bathroom fan to draw large quantities of air in a quick burst, the Centralized Exhaust System draws smaller quantities of air constantly. One of the benefits of this constant air movement is the reduction of the overall humidity concerns in your home. With a typical exhaust system, humidity is removed quickly, but only while the fan is operating. While a Centralized Exhaust System removes stale air and humidity at a slower rate, the continuous ventilation means humidity is steadily being drawn out of your home. Additionally, by reducing the draw of the bathroom fan, the system operates in a much quieter fashion; reducing humidity and replacing stale air in an unobtrusive and constant flow.


As the name suggests, the Centralized Exhaust System is a central building unit and is maintained by your building’s Property Management office. However, by practising some simple preventative maintenance, you can ensure the optimal performance of your overall system. Cleaning the bathroom vents in your home will ensure they do not become clogged. Clogged vents can reduce the flow of stale air being expelled and prevent fresh air from circulating into your home. Following this simple cleaning routine, several times a year, will allow your ventilation system to maintain the proper balance and the fresh air supply throughout your home.