Integrated Fancoil Unit


Your Energy Recovery Ventilator Core or ERV is an integral part of your home’s ventilation design. This new and innovative system provides state-of-the-art performance in high-rise residential condominiums. Simply put, your ERV allows better air quality by the delivery of fresh air directly into your home, while recovering 60% – 70% of the energy of your outgoing air.

How Does it Work?

In the winter, as warm, stale air is exhausted from your home, the heat from this air stream is used to warm the fresh, cold incoming air before it is distributed around the home. In summer, the cooler, air conditioned exhaust is used to cool the incoming fresh air and limits the amount of moisture transferred from the humid summer air. The two air streams never mix but they transfer or “share” their energy so it saves you money while working to save the

How to Operate:ifcu_controler_122

Your energy recovery ventilator is controlled by two wall mounted controllers, one controller is located in the living room next to your thermostat and a second controller is located inside the washrooms.

The Living Room Controller has three settings:

  1. Low Speed – is your recommended daily setting. This setting is low continuous and is the ideal suggested setting by the manufacturer for everyday operation. Air will move through the ERV core at approximately 50 cfm or cubic feet per minute, ensuring a continuous fresh air supply throughout your home.
  2. High Speed – is recommended for high occupancy or high pollutant homes. This high continuous setting is for suites with a large number of residents or pets or for when you have large parties or gatherings. It is also for when the washroom is in use and stronger ventilation is required to compensate for the exhaust air from washroom or to mange your condensation. Your ERV at this setting will operate at 75 cfm.
  3. Intermittent – is the suggested holiday setting. This intermittent setting operates the ERV on a continuous 20 minute operating cycle followed by a 40 minutes resting cycle. This is the setting recommended for the ERV while you are on vacation or during a prolonged absence.
  4. Off – the ERV is off when none of above settings is selected. This is used for when your ERV is being serviced or when you have open windows or doors th
    at allow your home air movement and ventilation normally provided by your ERV.

The Washroom Controller has three time settings:ifcu-washroom-controler-116

The washroom controller always overrides the settings on the living room controller and runs the ERV fans on high-speed (75 cfm), the options are to run the ERV on high speed for:

  1. 20 minute period
  2. 40 minute period
  3. 60 minute period

Maintenance and Warranty

Your Integrated Fancoil Unit comes with a 2 year warranty.

Maintenance of your IFCU is recommended approximately every 6 months to 1 year to prevent filters and the core of your ERV from becoming clogged, limiting ventilation, air flow and reducing the overall air quality of your home. As a value added benefit, Tridel, in partnership with your Property Management Team will be facilitating your first maintenance service free of charge. Please contact your Property Management Team to schedule your appointment.

All future maintenance of your IFCU should be conducted by a licensed service technician. Please see your Property Management Team for contact information.