Laminate Flooring

The Allure of Laminate

Laminate floors represent a new standard in consistency and performance and may be the best option for you depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Wood being a natural product, is subject to many variations in colour, grain, texture, pattern and hardness. All characteristics that to many, enhance wood’s beauty and charm.

As your builder we have selected laminate floors that will recreate the time honoured beauty of wood but will also perform at an entirely different level. Our high performance laminates offer joints that are tight by design, virtually eliminating unsightly gaping. Floor joints are so tight that we can even offer a Water Warranty on selected laminate floors.

The wood-like surface appears so picture perfect because this floor is a clear and detailed picture of a great looking real wood floor. High-grade inconsistencies and extreme variations are eliminated with our laminate floors but because the image is generated from a real wood floor you still capture the beauty and charm of a traditional wood floor.

Many value the strength of our laminate floors the most. The surface of our laminates are blanketed with one of the world’s toughest protective sealants – a resin coated cellulose that will withstand everyday rough and tumble. The toughness of this surface cannot be duplicated with wood because by its very nature, wood is relatively soft. Though strong, your laminate floors are environmentally safe.

An environmental feature of our laminates is that they can be recycled and reused. Our laminate floors are not glued or nailed together like traditional wood floors but are held together by the patented Uniclic™ locking system which gives you unparalleled performance. It takes 1,000 pounds of force to separate the joints, but when lifted and ‘unclicked’ they can be reinstalled in another room. If you want to redecorate, this floor can be reinstalled in another room.

Our laminate floors are guaranteed against fading. Unlike wood these floors will not discolour from normal sunlight exposure.

Layers of Laminate Flooring

  1. The impact resistant top layer is derived from Silica sand. The next toughest natural material is a diamond. In fact diamond blades must be used to cut this floor into planks at the factory.
  2. The second layer is a picture of wood flooring at its absolute best. The exquisite detail is made possible due to the premium quality films. The richness in the colour of our laminate floors is created with a 4-colour reproduction process resulting in a ‘picture perfect’ floor.
  3. The core of this floor is a super high density board made with a combination of wood fibres and natural resins. The core is water resistant and more stable than ordinary wood.
  4. The bottom layer of melamine creates the perfect balance.This layer ensures the floor plank is stable and doesn’t warp or cup resulting in a floor that stays flat, stands the test time and looks great.

All these layers are permanently pressed and fused together in an oven to create an extremely solid floor.

Appropriate for:

Living room, bedroom, hobby room, playroom, lounge. Humid environments such as bathrooms require our guaranteed water resistant collection of planks.


A glueless tongue and groove installation that clicks together without gaping.


25 years against wear of the top layer; 25 years against warping Option:
25 Year Water Warranty (with limitations)


Our laminate standard is 8 mm, 4 colour with a swell rate of less than 6% which exceeds the industry standard.

Benefits of Laminate Floors

A truly “forgiving” floor

  • Wear and stain resistant (heels, stains, cigarettes, lipstick, dirt and grime) – Unlike carpeting or solid wood flooring, where stains can be extremely destructive, stains can be removed with slightly damp cloth.
  • Impact-resistant – the high-density fiberboard allows the flooring to withstand sudden and localized impact such as heels, falling objects. Long term local strain from furniture legs, pianos and refrigerators are also withstood.
  • Although scratch-resistant this floor like all other floors is not scratch proof. Metal and sharp edges can scratch the floor. It is recommended that felt protectors be used to reduce this possibility
  • Cigarette resistant – A burning cigarette dropped on the floor for a few seconds will not cause discolouration or markings.
  • Fade resistant – guaranteed against fading. Unlike wood floors, these floors will not
    tend to discolour from normal sunlight exposure.
  • Laminate flooring is easy to clean and specifically designed with pigments that are
    warranted against fading and resins that are warranted against staining.


Due to the sealed surface dust cannot attach to the surface. House mites and other allergy-causing substances cannot survive on the flooring to cause allergic reactions.


The brilliantly produced photographic image is repeated every 10 boards, creating a random and natural hardwood look. Some laminate floor boards can repeat every four boards, which can creates an artificial, repetitive appearance.

Our laminate floors are guaranteed to look beautiful and offer durability, minimal maintenance and years of enjoyment in your new home.