Maintenance Minute - Whirlpool Dishwasher Image

Your Whirlpool Dishwasher

Everything from loading tricks and fitting everything in properly, to the right detergent and minimizing water spots, to selecting the right cycle, this Maintenance Minute® makes sure this appliance does the work it’s promised to do, with minimal effort from you!

Maintenance Minute - Whirlpool Cooktop Image

Your Whirlpool Cooktop

Watch this Maintenance Minute® for smart advice on preserving your cooktop surface, and learn maintenance & operational tips including how and when to clean your filter and how to properly use your hood fan for ventilation.

Maintenance Minute - Whirlpool Fridge Image

Your Whirlpool Fridge

From keeping lettuce crisp to cleaning tips on how to keep a sparkling finish, this Maintenance Minute® on your refrigerator will help you stay cool in taking care of your most used appliance.

Maintenance Minute - Whirlpool Microwave Image

Your Whirlpool Microwave

Never burn popcorn again. The appliance that was designed to make life in the kitchen faster, should have care and operation that mirrors that. This Maintenance Minute® will offer you fast and easy tips on cooking pre-sets, cleaning and even the digital display.

Maintenance Minute - Whirlpool Oven Image

Your Whirlpool Oven

Discover how smart your oven really is. Whether you’re an experienced chef or just a seldom user, these tricks will help make sure your meal comes out perfectly every time. (Some of this depends on you). Also be sure to learn some important tips so that cooking and cleaning your oven is always done with safety top of mind.

Cooking with Induction Heat

Induction cooking has been proven to be more energy efficient than traditional cooking methods, such as electric coils, because the induction cooker itself creates no heat.

Stainless Steel

The beautiful finish of stainless steel improves with use and age. It is built to last and preserves its good looks over time. Stainless steel is versatile enough to complement virtually any kitchen. We would like to provide you with some literature from the Special Steel Industry of North America regarding this beautiful material.