Fall Maintenance

Winterize Exterior Hose Bibs (outdoor water tap)

If you have an Exterior Hose Bib, please complete the following steps to ensure that the hose bib will not split due to water freezing inside the tap.

  1.  Turn off the “interior shut-off valve” that services the exterior hose bib(s).
  2. Disconnect any garden hoses.
  3. Turn on the exterior hose bib(s). In addition, use the “back flow preventer” (at the exterior end of the hose bib) to release any remaining water in the waterline.

Important: You can use a finger to lift or push the white plastic stem (or pin) inside the back flow preventer to drain the rest of the water, then LEAVE THE TAP OPEN.

As an extra precaution at the inside water shut-off a small nipple can be opened up (counter – clockwise) to release any access water from the water line, just make sure you have a small bucket under the shut-off to catch any water. After the line has been drained, make sure the nipple is replaced and tightened shut (clockwise).


Dryer Lint Traps

Your home is equipped with a secondary lint trap, located in the ceiling of your laundry area. These lint traps should be cleaned out each time to finish doing laundry. Blockages can increase drying time and humidity levels within your home.


Fan Coil Filters

Filters depending upon your lifestyle filters should be changed about every 3 months. Homes with smokers, pets, or residents with environmental sensitivities may need their filters changed more frequently.

Check Your Windows

Many people crank their awning windows open or closed too hard and they become “stripped,” just like a bolt. Usually, the arm (the metal piece that holds the window to the handle and looks like scissors) will come loose as a result. If over crank your window, you’ll be able to open your windows but you won’t be able to close them again. Contact your Property Management office to see if they have someone whose services they can offer.