Summer Maintenance

Popup Drains

At least twice each year, the popup drain in your bathtub should be unscrewed and build up of hair be removed.

Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) – Cleaning filter and core

Erv’s where installed form an integral part of the ventilation design. Without regular cleaning the filters and core can become clogged, limiting airflow throughout your home. The Core should be cleaned annually, and the filter every six months for optimal performance. Click here for detailed instruction on how to clean your ERV.


Dryer Lint Traps

Your home is equipped with a secondary lint trap, located in the ceiling of your laundry area. These lint traps should be cleaned out each time to finish doing laundry. Blockages can increase drying time and humidity levels within your home.


Fan Coil Filters

Filters depending upon your lifestyle filters should be changed about every 3 months. Homes with smokers, pets, or residents with environmental sensitivities may need their filters changed more frequently.

Check Your Windows

Many people crank their awning windows open or closed too hard and they become “stripped,” just like a bolt. Usually, the arm (the metal piece that holds the window to the handle and looks like scissors) will come loose as a result. If over crank your window, you’ll be able to open your windows but you won’t be able to close them again. Contact your Property Management office to see if they have someone whose services they can offer.