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Home Workshops

To get the most of your new home experience, as part of our Lifestyle Series: Events + Workshops, our Tridel Customer Care team is thrilled to guide you through the exciting stages of homeownership through our new 2019 Home Workshops. These workshops are scheduled to occur before each key milestone of your new home journey, providing you the right information at the right time.

Presented at The Lobby: A Tridel Meeting Place (4800 Dufferin Street), this centralized location is perfect for you to gather with others from your community, meet with our teams, and have an engaging learning experience about your new home.

Below is our Home Workshops schedule and information about what each exciting event has to offer. Register today to reserve your spot!

Learn about legal and dates, financing and insurance.
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 October 2 | November 6 | December 4

Learn about Home Orientation, warranty and service, maintenance and climate control.
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October 9 | November 13 | December 11

Learn about general community rules, being a good neighbour, the Board of Directors and seasonal tips.
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September 24 | October 23 | November 27

Other Events Offered

We also offer two events that occur at key milestones in the home buying process, one which is shortly after the time of purchase and another which is one year after occupancy. Keep an eye out for an email invitation to these events.

  • How You Live is As Important As Where You Live Seminar – visit your community for the first time and meet your Property Management Team.
  • Welcome to My World Focus Group – join us for a group discussion where we can hear all about your new home experience.