Condo Talk

Condo Talk is all about condo living. Tips and info about everything from the Pre-Delivery Inspection, to Design & Decor Tips, to the warranty and the common elements. Tell us what interests you and how we can do better (, and we promise to take all your feedback to heart.





Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Condo Design and Decor Tips

Tips on how to use design and décor to get the most out of your new condo, how to prepare for your décor appointment, what to consider when picking features and finishes and how your builder can help.

The Pre-Delivery Inspection

The Pre Delivery Inspection or PDI is a requirement set out by Tarion to give every new homeowner a chance to review and inspect their new home before closing.  But we think the first time you see your new home should be about more than just inspecting it.  So we give you an introduction not only to your suite, but to your community.

Why You Need A Lawyer

When considering a condo purchase, there are various reasons why you may want to engage a lawyer, including:

  • Assistance with the completion of your purchase
  • Advice on your rights, obligations and the programs which are available to help facilitate your purchase
  • Assistance with the closing transaction through Ontario’s electronic registration system

How to Find A Lawyer

Condos are a popular choice for new home buyers today but, there’s a lot more to buying and owning a new condo than many people realize. So, we decided to answer some of the most common questions we receive regarding how to find a lawyer for your new condo home purchase.

Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Do you need homeowners insurance for a condominium home? The short answer is yes. But aren’t you already insured by the condominium corporations insurance? The answer is YES AND NO.

Key Pick Up Condo Talk Image

How do I get the keys to my new home?

So your suite has interim closed and you’re ready to move in. What happens now? Where and how do you get the keys to your new home? When can you move in? What should you know?





Protecting Your Condo Investment: The Unit

Every home is an investment, whether it’s the place you call home, an investment for your children, a part of your retirement planning, or all of the above. This video explains:

  • Quick and easy maintenance tips
  • What is and what isn’t covered by the warranty
  • When and how to report deficiencies, and more

Protecting Your Condo Investment:
Common Elements

This video covers what every new condominium homeowner, or resident, should know about the common elements in their community.  These are the areas shared with your neighbours, like the lobby, party room, and gym, as well as those areas directly related with your suite like the balcony, parking, and locker.

What Are Maintenance Fees?

Wondering exactly what those “maintenance fees” are and how they’re created? Not clear on why some people have to pay more than others and what you’re actually paying for?

How Maintenance Fees are Determined

We admit it might not be the most exciting topic, but it is certainly an important one to understand. Maintenance Fees; what they are, what they pay for and how the associated costs are determined for each homeowner.



Celebrating In Your Condo: Halloween

Whether this is your first time celebrating Halloween in a condominium or you’re looking for some new ideas on how to celebrate this traditional holiday in an urban setting, here are some tips on how to make the most of this frightfully fun evening.

Celebrating In Your Condo: Christmas

In our latest Condo Talk video, Stella Salvador, Principle Designer at Tridel, offers expert advice and décor tips for your condominium home during the holiday season.

• Tips and tricks to making the most of your condo home
• Creative décor ideas to make your home festive
• Tips for the perfect Christmas tree