Maintenance Minutes®

Maintenance Minutes® is a new video series that answers the everyday questions we get from condo owners. Each week there will be a new topic, from how to reset your circuit breaker to how to clean and maintain your appliances.

How to Clean Your Lint Trap

An easy step by step guide on how to clean your dryer’s lint trap, including tips on how often the filters should be cleaned and how to clean them properly.

Water Shut Off Valves in your Condo Home

Not sure how to turn the water to your suite off? Don’t know where to find your water shut off valves? Not sure what water shut off valves are?
This Maintenance Minutes® video explains how to find the water shut off valve in your condo home, how to properly turn it off and how to turn it back on again.

How to use Your Thermostat

This Maintenance Minute® explains how to operate your thermostat properly, from programming your preferred temperature settings, to the building change-over from heating to cooling, so you can get the most out of your ventilation system and ensure your comfort level in your home.