Introducing Tridel’s New Interior Design Blog: ‘From The Lobby with Jim and Stella’

Introducing Tridel’s New Interior Design Blog: ‘From The Lobby with Jim and Stella’

Condominium Design Done Differently

Meet Stella Salvador (Principal Interior Designer) and Jim Stoops (Director, Design Services), two of Tridel’s leading design experts. These two have teamed up to deliver a new monthly blog series called ‘From The Lobby with Jim and Stella’. 

For anyone not familiar with The Lobby by Tridel, it’s our Design Studio which also serves as a meeting place for homeowners and designers to be inspired and discover innovative solutions and finishes for your home.  

In this new blog series, Jim and Stella will share their design expertise and how to personalize your condominium home to best suit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to maximize space in your kitchen, transform your den into a flexible and calming office space or simply searching for design ideas, ‘From The Lobby with Jim and Stella’ will inspire you to think differently about design, how you use your home, and guide you to bringing your ideas to life. Stella and Jim approach interior design with careful consideration of how the spaces will be used, budget, and how to best maximize your experience with your home. 


Stunning open-concept living area at Bianca

Meet Stella and Jim 

As Tridel’s Principal Interior Designer, Stella leads our award-winning in-house design team, focused on in-suite design. Her team helps design our suites and select the furniture and finishes seen in our suite renderings and model suites, as well as monitors our communities under construction for improvements and quality assurance.  Stella also works closely with Jim and the Design Services team at The Lobby to ensure in suite finishes are current and that the selections for the vignettes and displays are always design forward. 

Stella Salvador, Principal Interior Designer

“Good design is a reflection. Design principles are in place for the wellbeing of its occupants. And good design is always beautiful.” 

Jim Stoops is Tridel’s Director of Design Services. Responsible for overseeing and managing the Design Studio and Design Services team, Jim essentially oversees the “what” and “how” for Tridel’s in-suite design program in that he is responsible for what we have available to include in our suites, and how it’s offered to our homeowners.  

Jim Stoops, Director Design Services

“Home is the place you return to when you need to escape from the world, feel, supported and recharge.”

To continue offering our homeowners designs intended to excite, motivate, and entice, Stella and Jim need to remain top of their game, and are always searching for new sources of inspiration. Between fashion, travel, architecture, nature, and more, Stella and Jim draw inspiration from the world around them, as well as from blogs, magazines, Instagram accounts and anything in between. Some of their favourite sources include Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Apartment Therapy, the London listMinotti spa, to mention a few.  

The Concept of Home 

Interior design style differs from person to person, but one thing remains true. Good design meets the needs of the space, is functional, practical and should be a reflection of your personality, tailored to your lifestyle. 

Jim and Stella agree that the concept of “home” can be described as a sacred space where you are the story-teller, and when it’s well-planned, is a space that can inspire you, restore your well-being and energize you. In short, home is where your lifestyle, meets how you live. 

Design Expertise – From The Lobby

‘From The Lobby’ will be a resource for new ideas, advice and inspiration for designing and accessorizing your condominium home 

Jim and Stella both share a passion for design, bringing a vision to life, and using the home to tell a story and meet the needs of its inhabitants. Their different approaches to design ensure a wellrounded practice: Jim likes to mix contemporary and eclectic styles, with a slight lean towards maximalism over minimalism and Stella designs for a classic, unconsciously comfortable aesthetic, layering natural and sustainable textures, colours and patterns.  

Luxury condominium design at Ten York 

The blog will be touching upon various design topics including: creating functional spaces, how small layout changes can make a big impact, tips to freshen up your condo as the seasons shift, how to select finishes that best suit those with kids or pets, and more. Jim and Stella will also share their expertise on things to consider when designing your home, emerging trends, and more.  

Floor-to-ceiling windows fill Aquavista's sky penthouse suite with natural light

Floor-to-ceiling windows fill Aquavista’s sky penthouse suite with natural light

Whether your design style is modern and contemporary, chic and cozy, classic and elegant, or maybe even a little eclectic, home is best suited when it fits you, and your lifestyle. Our design experts Stella and Jim will share their design insights and wisdoms to ensure your home is well planned, usable, and most importantly, a reflection of you. 

Residences at Aqualuna pull together luxury, comfort and convenience

Stay Tuned: Expert Advice from The Lobby

By following the ‘From The Lobby’ blog serieswe hope you gain a better understanding of the design process and possibilities available to you when buying a pre-construction condominium, become inspired by the expertise of our award-winning design team,  or get motivated to take on that room transformation project you have been dreaming of.  Stella and Jim will help you bring that inspiration to life, guide you how to get there, to share clever design practices that get you thinking about design from a new angle.  

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Stella Salvador

Stella Salvador, Principal Interior Designer 

For Stella, Home is a creative laboratory: a personal sanctuary that fosters health,, productive energy and creative thought. Stella credits empathy, honesty and travel and design inspirations. Her signature style is unconsciously comfortable with an elevated aesthetic.

Jim Stoops

Jim Stoops, Director Design Services

Jim believes in ignoring the rules and creating spaces that are personal and tailored to the client. His design style leans toward layered, saturated spaces with an identifiable history. His pro-tip: in small open concept spaces, make the kitchen as seamless and integrated as possible.