Next Gen: The Evolution of Luxury.

Next Gen: The Evolution of Luxury.

Luxury is a concept that can be challenging to define in words, yet our minds are incredibly capable of conjuring specific images related to luxury almost immediately. Luxury interior design –along with its stereotypical connotations of ornate grandness, opulence and exclusivity– have evolved over time. Even just hiring an interior designer was once considered a luxury service! As the taste preferences of those who seek luxury expand, so has the definition of luxury itself.

Today’s luxury is less about material possessions, and more about experiences and meaningful moments. Luxury is evolving from a symbol of economic prosperity to a symbol of human desire and aspiration. Simply… NextGen luxury expands  the idea of  exclusive to now be a matter of choice and inclusive.

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Next Gen Luxury. 

 Next gen luxury interior design aspires to a new definition: one that isn’t prescribed by a specific formula to impress others, but rather guidelines to make thoughtful decisions. The proverbial playbook has been shelved. As we know, interior design is a journey just as much as it’s a destination. The specifics may differ, but the principles remain. It’s like style vs. trend. 

 Emphasis has moved on from solely being about ‘things’ to a command for convenience, materials that perform, trusted brands, personality, and some ‘things’. 

 Next gen luxury shifts from the traditional notions and has been awakened and accelerated this past year, with the profound appreciation for home and how we function in it.    

 Our home should be our oasis and a place where our outward appearance converges with our inward reality. We take indulgences on what matters to us, personally, and add these to the “what’s important” category. 

Luxury Features and Appliances. 

Our passions and lifestyle drive what each individual considers a luxury. Someone who values a chef-style kitchen will place great importance on pantry space and special appliances over someone who collects vintage clothing and wants specialty display space in their closet system with warm lighting. Both are considered a luxury to each of them. 

Ten York Walk-in closet

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Ten York Washroom
Ten York Condo

These characteristics are indulgent to the chef and collector, but they are also convenient and produce a comfort feeling. Indulgences aren’t negative. We are choosing from the ‘what’s important” category and bringing it home. Features and selections for our homes create a specific ambiance in the space. It’s that unconscious comfort that draws us closer to luxury interiors.  

Architectural Elements. 

From architectural elements such as exterior views and ceiling heights to the textures, furniture, acoustics, lighting, colours, technology, fixtures, or appliances, all the criteria converge to produce spaces which affect our mood, thoughts, and behaviour. Ultimately, we seek positive feelings, safety, inspiration, well-being, and solace from our homes—a tall order. 

But each of these feelings are as individual as you are. 

The Well Luxury condos in Toronto

Tridel at The Well Signature Series – Premier Collection

Tridel Royal Bayview

A Formula to Luxury Design. 

To realize a truly luxurious design aesthetic, there are timeless and practical guidelines to keep in mind. Even the architectural masters Vitruvius and Palladio all wrote three basic qualities of a successful spaceform, use and beauty.  

(Details of form + functionality of space) + (beauty + style) = successful space design (leading to joy and happiness) 

Maybe there is a design formula after all? 

When deciding on the items that will fall into your “what’s important category, consider what makes a space luxury to you, using some simple tips: 

  1. Identify the style for your space. What should it feel like? What do you want it to say about you? Does your space work with you? Are there specific features you want to highlight? Gather photos to communicate your vision.   
  1. Working with a registered interior designer will align these goals to your vision. They can merge architectural features and design details with scale, proportion, and composition to elevate your design. They can also plan for unique and custom accents. 
  1. Built-in fixed items should be of the highest quality possible. Millwork, closets, kitchen with appliances and bathroom design are such investments. There’s usually a high low interior design solution. Not all extras are high priced. Décor is more easily changed. 
  1. Less is more useful in modern interiors with bespoke pieces. Removing clutter removes distraction and chaos. Think more style and less trend. Style doesn’t go out of style. 
  1. Don’t overlook transition spaces like the foyer. These are fluid spaces connecting and continuing the design scheme. Functional options can be inserted in these secondary spaces, such as wine cabinetry, art gallery corridors, unique lighting, and extra storage space for example. Outdoor spaces are also an extension of your living area and should carry your design outside. 

Real luxury living equates to authentic design and infinite possibilities. Inspired spaces create timeless environments and details make all the difference. New luxury is intentional and refreshed.

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Final Thoughts. 

In the past, luxury was about material goods and plush surroundings. But as society changes, so must the meaning of words and ideas associated with them. The definition of luxury has evolved into a new manifestation, one that can be defined by more than just things that seem decadent to the average person. There’s a deeper purpose driving these brands – a purpose that resonates with customers and consumers alike. Luxury brands have shifted from being mindless indulgences to being core elements of life itself. And as such, their definition is as adaptable as it is comparable to all those self-made people who make up their potential audience. 

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