An Innovative Condo Heating & Cooling System at FORM

An Innovative Condo Heating & Cooling System at FORM

Nestled between the prestigious OCAD University, the communal Grange Park, and the bustle of Queen Street West, is FORM, a new Tridel condominium community brimming with innovative features.

At FORM, Tridel is introducing the Jaga Clima Canal, an innovative new heating system.  Designed by Jaga, a well established European company that provides sustainable climate control systems, it is an exciting step forward for Tridel. Jaga recently expanded to North America and has already completed notable installations in building such as the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto and the Cite Verte project in Montreal.

What makes the system so exciting?  The Clima Canal system is designed to optimize energy efficiency by using low-temperature hydronic heating and low voltage power supply while maximizing open space in the suite. The Jaga Clima Canal is a fancoil system, familiar to any past Tridel resident.  But the new Jaga design also includes a few key innovations that make it an exciting development for Tridel and our homeowners.


What is the Fancoil System?

A fancoil is a system that utilizes a fan to force air past heated or cooled pipes to deliver heating or cooling.  Two-pipe fancoil systems, which have hot OR cold water running through the pipes depending on the season, are common in condominium buildings. Suites with a two-pipe system are provided either heating or air conditioning (AC),  depending on the season. The less common four-pipe system provides both heating and cooling year round. At FORM, the new Jaga Clima Canal system is being introduced.  When matched with the horizontal fan coil system for cooling and fresh air circulation, the two systems (the Jaga Clima Canal and the horizontal fancoil) provide year-round heating and cooling to the suite, just like a four-pipe fancoil system.



The Jaga Clima Canal reduces energy use by drawing on the natural properties of hot and cold air. Each suite has these Jaga Canals cast into the concrete of the floor near the suite windows, instead of having a fancoil installed on an interior wall of the suite.  This eliminates the footprint of the heating system and creates more living space in the suite.  The fan, quieter than a laptop, pushes hot air out of the floor grilles.  Since hot air rises, the heated air is distributed efficiently throughout the suite.  Additionally, the Jaga Clima Canal system is powered through a low voltage supply, which keeps energy costs low.

Cooling & Ventilation

Similarly, the AC system is also a fancoil.  This fancoil is installed horizontally in the ceiling and tied into the Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system. The ERV draws air from outside and tempers it with the energy of air being exhausted from the suite. If its hot outside and cold inside, it will passively cool the incoming hot, fresh air and vice versa in the winter. This process typically reduces energy costs by 40 – 60% and ensures the suite is ventilated with fresh air, improving air quality for residents.

At FORM, that incoming air will pass through the cooling fancoil.  Like the Jaga Clima Canal, the AC system also takes advantage of the natural properties of hot and cold air.  Both the fancoil and ERV are located in the ceiling, and since cold air sinks, the cooled air will disperse easily throughout the home. Another benefit of this design is that it demands less ductwork throughout the suite.  That translates into even more open space in the homes of our residents.


Industry Leadership

As an industry leader in sustainable building design, dedicated to improving our communities and the quality of life for our residents, Tridel strives to provide efficient energy solutions to residents and we are proud to present this latest initiative at FORM.


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