Tridel Unveils Our First Smart Condominium

Tridel Unveils Our First Smart Condominium

Keyless Suite Entry? Check.

Unlimited, Ultra High Speed Wi-Fi? Check.

Automated License Plate Recognition? Check.


Integrated wireless technology provides convenience, connectivity and peace of mind


This is just the beginning of what the newly unveiled Tridel Connect offers residents at Ten York, a newly completed 69-storey community in Toronto’s downtown core.

Tridel Connect, an innovative range of integrated smart home features, makes it easier to do everyday tasks like enter and exit your home, manage temperature settings and security, host guests and receive packages. It also allows homeowners to rely on voice and data connectivity within the building, a benefit that has become very important as a growing number of consumers no longer have landlines or cable and require robust wi-fi.


A range of Tech-Savvy Amenities

“Toronto is fast becoming a global technology hub and Tridel is keeping pace by introducing a range of tech-savvy amenities which are available to our customers today,” said Jim Ritchie, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tridel. “With erratic schedules, 24/7 work demands and the nature of living in a bustling city, people are increasingly looking for ways to simplify their lives. A more connected home and community is one way to accomplish that.

“Tridel Connect is the result of a collaboration with real estate technology company SmartONE Solutions, which helped us elevate Ten York beyond standard condo living, using smart building features,” explains Bruno Giancola, Tridel Senior Vice President Project Management/ Innovation & Sustainability. “Their platform uses a central network and integrates multiple systems to enable shared services and individual features for each suite. Ten York received industry recognition recently with a Multifamily/Residential Digi Award for Most Intelligent Building Project at the Realcomm conference held in Las Vegas in June 2018.”

“Innovative, smart home technologies have benefits for all types of condo residents—from millennials for whom technology is second nature, to seniors looking for added security features, to families with young kids who can use a smartphone rather than a fob to come and go,” added Ritchie.


Watch Amber Mac and Jim Ritchie, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Tridel, tour Tridel’s first smart condominium.





Tridel Connect at Ten York offers the following features:

Home Connectivity

  • Adjust the temperature, set the security alarm and receive notifications about community events and services through an in-suite wall pad or remotely via a smartphone app.

Welcome Guests

  • A wall pad lets homeowners see and speak with guests before allowing them entry.

Suite Entry

  • No more keys. Digital door locks use a personalized access code for entry. Additional codes can be programmed for family members, friends, or service providers, like a dog walker. Homeowners can also assign nicknames to friends and family to keep a record of who has entered their suite, using the wall pad.

Manage Security

  • A camera view of select common areas and direct video communication with the concierge provides added security for residents (video is one-way to protect resident privacy).

Community Access

  • A personalized Bluetooth smartphone app unlocks common area doors as a resident approaches.

Licence Plate Recognition

  • Licence plate recognition provides automated entry to the parking garage for residents and registered guests—no fob or door opener is required.

Automated Parcel Delivery

  • Given the popularity of e-commerce, an automated smart locker system has been installed. When a package arrives, residents are sent a digital message and their package is held until it’s convenient for them to pick it up.

Managed Network

  • A dedicated team monitors and manages the sophisticated network infrastructure in the building to keep the system connected and running smoothly.

Robust, Reliable Connectivity

  • A distributed antenna system enhances voice and data connectivity for mobile devices within the building to ensure residents on even the highest floors stay connected.

Advanced Wi-Fi

  • All suites at Ten York include unlimited, ultra high-speed 500 mbps internet as a utility and high-speed guest internet is available in the building’s common amenity areas.*

*Internet cost included in maintenance fees.


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